Semperit Susu (Milk Cookies)

Semperit Susu (Milk Cookies)

5 people

20 - 25mins


  1. 100 g condensed milk
  2. 125 g salted butter (normally I use Anchor or Buttercup)
  3. 60 g cream cheese
  4. 250 g corn flour
  5. Chocolate chips for decoration


  1. 1
    Pour condensed milk in a bowl, add butter, cream cheese and mix those ingredients using spatula
  2. 2
    Add corn flour little by little and mix again. Can also use kitchen disposable gloves to mix the ingredients. Batter is ready when it is no longer sticky
  3. 3
    Use cookies press kit/pump set to create the flower pattern.. decorate with chocolate chip on top.. bake in the oven for 20-25mins at 170 degrees.. enjoy the soft crisp nostalgic taste of cookies when it cool off after 3-5mins 😊